Wine Club


Red Blend was created to share wine variants that go beyond the extraordinary. Why? It's simple, we love wine and we want to delight palates.


We weren't always a wine club. We launched as a family-run establishment in Downtown Miami serving upscale Italian fare, known for our boutique wine collection. Following requests and feedback from guests to enjoy our wines at home, we knew a wine club would be the perfect solution. This way our guests could enjoy rare bottles at their leisure, but could also choose to enjoy these bottles in our venue. Not only do we deliver bottles monthly but we also give our subscribers the option to enjoy their wines at our restaurant paired with meals recommended by our sommelier.


We are praised for our wine collection due to the selection process we employ with prospective wineries. When partnering with vineyards, we have certain standards they must meet; these revolve around the quality of the land, the level of care in the production process, and the blend's complexity. We have found that wineries that adhere to these principles produce bottles that fully encompass the richness of the grape and so, wines that we are excited to share.