Wine Club

What Exactly Is a Wine Club?

A wine club and a social wine club are both becoming very popular with those who love to drink wine regularly. While the notion of a wine club was invented long before the global pandemic, restrictions made it harder for people to go to their favorite wineries or restaurants, and so, wine clubs drastically grew in popularity. If you have never heard of a wine club or a social wine club before, you may be curious to learn more about these concepts and how they work.

A wine club is designed to allow you to explore a wide array of wines from different wineries throughout the world. Depending on your subscription, you are routinely mailed bottles of wine to enjoy at your home. Some wines may be high-end wines, while others may be cheaper. Regardless of how much the wine costs, you pay one fee per month and then can select from a variety of wines. A social wine club is a wine club that is meant to be shared with friends. For example, you and your friends may all join a wine club together and get mailed a few different bottles each month, all of which you can share at a monthly dinner that you enjoy with each other. We also offer a social wine club experience to our wine club members where you may enjoy your wine at one of our locations alongside food pairings recommended by our sommelier.

While there are many wine clubs that you can select from, here at Red Blend Wine Club, we focus on bringing you the most indulgent wine blends from around the world. If you love wine, you will love our club. Visit our subscription page to learn more about the subscription services we offer or to sign-up.